The Revamp Episode 1 - Meet Crue and DingoMan - Gamez Nation


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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Revamp Episode 1 - Meet Crue and DingoMan

DingoMan, A 24 year old Gamer breaking his chains!
Crue Steele, A Struggling streamer
Together are rebooting Gamez Nation, and want nothing more than to bring an awesome fun podcast to
Gamers and Nerds across the world!
Together we will laugh, discuss, update, & maybe rage quit!

Topic 1

Games we have have/currently played, Team Star Wars or Lord Of The Rings, Favorite Games
games-Aven Colony, Stick Fighter, Super Meatboy, Sullest, Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic,
Lord Of The Rings, Diablo, Pong (:P), Friday The 13, 7 Days To Die, Fortnite
Favorite Games: Final Fantasy: Tactics, James Bond: Goldeneye

Topic 2

Games we are looking forward to in 2018, Game glitces/patches/our problem thoughts
Upcoming Games: Final Fantasy 15, Monster Hunte World, Vampyr
Game Glitches: For Honor, Rust

BS Segment: (We didnt know what exactly to call it so we said what it was)

Crue's BS - making moms Spectrum bill cheaper.
Ding: Affording an apartment is not easy
Tipping waiters/Waitress/Delivery guys (Correction, NOT Pulp Fiction, Its Resivor Dogs)
leaving phone numbers for/asking out waitresses :P

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